(R)evolutionary Rompereglas Online Membership Collective

Embody Your Emotional Sovereignty and Energetic Authority

What might open up for you if you allowed yourself to feel and express your rawest, most vulnerable emotions in a deeply-held, loving collective container?

What would shift internally if you had a place to regularly practice intimate self-devotion to your whole system (mental, emotional, physical, energetic, spiritual)?

What could be possible if you opened up to new paradigms of power by relinquishing the limiting beliefs you're holding in your body?

The (R)evolutionary Rompereglas membership community is designed to uncover the sovereign leadership superpowers underneath your intimacy wounds.

By showing up in our unvarnished authenticity, we're passing out permission slips to

Recode your body for safety, nourishment, and wealth in ALL forms.

Devote time, attention, and presence to your intimate selves.

Establish and maintain unapologetic boundaries.

Celebrate yourself regardless of what dumpster fire is happening in your life.

Be vulnerable and courageous AF.

Connect to your deep, compassionate heart AND your fiery, magnetic sexuality.

Feel held and witnessed and supported. 

You get to radically approve of ALL parts of yourself.

Who and What We're About

We are a growing community of passionate, committed healers, weavers, bridgebuilders, change agents, creatives, and magical entrepreneurs with a desire to live, love, and lead from our authentic and sovereign power, anchored in the ancient wisdom of the fluid (non-binary) consciousness that is rising right now.  

We desire to break free from the internalized, limiting stories of scarcity, lack, self-doubt, shame, unworthiness, and isolation that are steeped in systems of separation

We know that vulnerability and embodied truth are the pathways to connection, intimacy, and wholeness. 

We recognize the importance of healing personal and ancestral trauma through the wisdom of our bodies as integral to collective evolution.

We claim our right to be witnessed and celebrated in our fiercest, rawest human expression.

We understand that pleasure is the pathway for safety and sovereignty in our bodies.

We devote ourselves to offering approval and unwavering presence to all of the energies within us as part of our reclamation.

Ultimately, our goal is to create a culture of liberation from the inside out.

The mission of (R)evolutionary Rompereglas online membership collective is to create a space where you can feel supported in your continued journey towards devotion, sovereignty, and energetic authority by

a) getting intimate with your divine humxnity; 

b) practicing vulnerability and truthful showing up; 

c) breaking from limiting beliefs and patterns based in personal and collective trauma; and 

d) reclaiming pleasure as your birthright so that you can lead with intimacy and full expression in your mission-guided work.

Why You Should Join the (R)evolution

You value the importance of collective healing spaces and healing in community, i.e., that your "personal" evolution is interwoven with the external world through relationships.

You desire a grounded space to practice being vulnerable and visible, expressing your raw emotions and showing up flawsomely.

You want to be celebrated in your pleasure and witnessed in your magic.

You desire to release shame and fear related your past traumas.

You believe intimacy with yourself is the portal to healing and receiving more in life, love, and leadership.

You hold a vision of authentic power that includes approval and integration of the disowned parts of you that have been challenging to accept.

You understand that alignment of your conscious and unconscious desires is the key to manifesting what you want to create in your life and visionary work.

You value the importance of receiving nourishment and resourcing as part of your evolution and purpose in the world.

You crave connection with other passionate womxn.

Each month you'll be guided through curriculum designed to expand your nervous system capacity for (r)evolutionary love, radical self-ownership, embodied truth, and bigger energetic authority in your life, love, and leadership. 

The SOVEREIGN curriculum modules include:

Nervous System Regulation + Initiation 
Attachment + Trauma Patterning
The Creative Strategy
Radical Embodied Devotion (RED)
The Merging Strategy
Grounding in Universal Love 
The Enduring Strategy
Shame + Shadow
The Challenger Strategy
The Rigid Strategy
Integrity + Self-Ownership

Your Monthly Membership Includes

Two live group practice/coaching calls centered on monthly themes (and a third affinity group call if you identify as Latinx);

A library of embodiment tools, practices, and meditations to support your grounding and expansion into receiving;

Monthly full moon expressive movement event (Alchemyze);

Monthly events taught by members and guest teachers;

Bimonthly Witches + Bitches book coven calls

A circle for spiritual entrepreneurs, the Cuntrepreneur Collective

Access to my 4-module course, Own Your NO: Embodying Sovereignty with Boundary Energetics;

Access to my 8-module course, ROOT: Foundations of Embodying Sovereignty;

A designated forum to promote and share your events in the community;  

Opportunities for exchanges and collaborations with other members.

This is a sacred community space to witness/be witnessed, to offer and receive medicine, to expand into true embodied power, and to celebrate yourself and others.

You get all of this for $79.99 monthly or $799.99 (2 months free) on an annual plan.

Our Values and Guiding Axioms

There is no expert in the room. Everyone has wisdom to share and a unique contribution to make to the whole.

Listen (and be) with a non-shaming heart. This is mostly for yourself. Shame maintains patterns instead of dissolving them. We have a harder time showing compassion to ourselves than to others, am I right?

Allow yourself to move toward discomfort with curiosity. Discomfort is part of healing and stretching your capacity to receive. I like to lean into discomfort with the pleasure of knowing there's an expansion reward on the other side!

Allow yourself to be affected by others. We are all here to heal each other. Your stories are medicine with the power to move energy.

Allow yourself to not know. You don't have to figure it all out or have it all figured out. To know is a mask, and even if it were the truth, it'd be pretty boring. Living in the mystery is real and a lot more fun.  

ALL of you energy is welcome. You might feel like you have to follow certain rules about how to be in groups, and sure, there are some rules that protect the rights and safety of everyone. However, when it comes to EXPRESSION, you are invited to bring the full force of your energy. That is your innate power!

Follow your impulse. We live in cultures that teach us to hold back, hold up, and hold in. Give yourself permission to take up space, speak up, share what's on your heart. 

Give as much as you receive. We live in such a hyper-individual culture that we forget how much our simple presence matters. Understand your part in the collective. Make contributions. Honor the flow of reciprocity.

This community is here to support and more deeply connect you to your sacred humanity.


"I am forever grateful to have followed my intuition to join Revolutionary Rompereglas. The Latinx affinity group in particular, has positively altered the way I now view sacred communities that provide space for healing and vulnerability. This entire community has become a space where I know that I’m seen, where my bold and bocona self can speak, dance, and cry when needed. The women are phenomenally talented, brilliant, and inspiring because they share their true selves, flaws and all. Above all, Isha’s guidance and expertise has created an atmosphere of love, encouragement, healing, light, and truth." 

- Vanessa Vega

"If you have the chance to work with Isha in any capacity, do it. Isha is a powerful healer. Working with her over the last few years has changed my life dramatically. This membership community is the most accessible way to be in her energy. This container has awakened & nourished my courage, authenticity, sexuality, spirituality, pleasure, & connection. At a time when society is more isolated than ever before, connection is here. Being in community with the amazing womxn in this group has been so healing. To witness & be witnessed. It’s a place to come together. It’s a place to fall apart. A well for me to drink from. In this community, there’s no such thing as too-much or not enough. I can bring my rage, my joy, my doubt, my faith, my sex-goddess, my innocence. All parts of me are welcome. I highly recommend it."

- Olivia Roberson

"I'm so grateful to be a part of the Rompereglas community of womyn. We nourish each other in a beautifully feminine, kind, soft, brave, radical, sensual, and embodied way - and I feel like I am welcome as exactly as I am! I also feel like I'm blossoming as I not only witness and move and be with this collective, but allow myself to be seen, to move with, and receive their abundant wisdom too. Join us <3"

- Nichole Roxas

"The Revolutionary Romplereglas was the space I needed to bring my healing work out in the open with other muxeres full of passion and breaking our imposed barriers. I can be myself fully without filters and I can participate as much or as little and still feel part of the community. In particular, the Latinx affinity space has felt invigorating!"

- Amanda Garces

"Being a member of the Rompereglas community has been healing in ways I did not anticipate. Isha and the community members approach healing in a heart-centred, spirit-centred, body-centred way that we are all learning together to lean further and further into. I am so grateful to have had this community to support me throughout this very difficult year. The beauty and wonder of the insights achieved together continue to unfold in beautiful and unexpected ways. Isha leads with authenticity, humility, wisdom, and a whole lot of magic."

- Jill Esmonde

Join us for $79.99 monthly or just $799.99 (2 months free) annually!


What happens during the group coaching sessions?
The group coaching sessions provide the embodied practice and somatic healing experiences inside of a energetically grounded and compassionate container. Practicing in a group format where everyone’s working towards the same goals further increases your nervous system capacity by amplifying the potency of vulnerability and gentle witnessing.
We’ll begin each live call with some ritual and a movement/breath process to help you drop into your body at deeper levels. The initiatory exercises are designed to be aligned with module content, though following the energy of the group will be prioritized throughout.
After grounding and centering, the space is opened for you to process and enact real life scenarios for quantum level processing and transformation.

Is this a course?
No. There are several courses inside the community (and others on the way), but the community is one of PRACTICE. We're in a practice of showing up in our truth as a way to heal inner division so that we can open to the flow of creative, sexual energy.
You can be a member for as little or long as you want, but best results are obtained through active engagement of 6 to 12 months or more to move through the curriculum.

When will the live coaching calls take place?
The calls will take place every other Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm EST.
The Latinx affinity group meets one Tuesday a month. 
Book club meetings happen every other Wednesday at 1pm EST.
Replays of all calls will be posted inside the Rompereglas library.

Is there any overlap with Enneagram and Human Design?
I love both the Enneagram and Human Design but experience them as incomplete with regard to healing relational intimacy wounds.
This is a trauma responsive, energy-based experience, so the focus will be on how the attachment-related relationship patterns are showing up energetically in your body.

I’ve not heard of Core Energetics or expressive energy work before. How is it different from Somatic Experiencing or other body-based modalities?
Some say that SE and CE are very different, and in my opinion those differences are created to maintain each school’s unique identity. For me, SE and CE are fundamentally similar in that they both aim to heal trauma stored in the nervous system.
CE works expressively to release the full spectrum of your life force energy. That’s not exclusive to CE, and every somatic practitioner has their own style and focus.
All that said, I don’t work within the bounds within a specific somatic modality. In addition to my Ph.D. in trauma psychology, I’ve also been trained in Tantra-informed, intimate energetics and light work.
Most importantly, as an intuitive channel I’m able to “see” your energy and defenses arise in the moment so that we can invite them in to be transformed.

Is this an anti-racism or uncolonization community?
Neither of these are the specific aims of the course, though unwinding corrupt concepts and beliefs in the body is a form of uncolonization.
When you commit to the practices you will dismantle and integrate parts of yourself (as well as through your ancestry) that may contribute to internalized systems of disempowerment.
As a facilitator, I’m committed to anti-racism and to unraveling implicit and unconscious biases through the exploration of how systems of power (including whyteness) are held in all bodies.

Does this replace therapy?
No. This is not therapy. This is an intimacy and integrity accelerator designed to deepen the work you’re already doing. You can think of this as an adjunct or collective puzzle piece to support you’re already receiving, and in fact recommend you have a therapist or other individual support as you participate.

Are trans and nonbinary folxs welcome?
ABSOLUTELY YES. People of all gender identities and expressions are welcome. 

A Big Gracias

Your engagement in (R)evolutionary Rompereglas partially funds the BLM movement along with other Black and Brown activists/leaders/educators.
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